Frequently Asked RV Questions


  RV-ing is a wonderful way to spend quality time with family and friends – no plane or hotel reservations; no timetable. You have the freedom to travel in your own way, at your own pace. So if you are considering buying an RV here are a few frequently asked questions to help you decide [...]

Cool Facts You Need To Know About RV’s

    At least once in a lifetime, we have all had a dream of selling everything, throwing caution to the wind, and hopping behind the wheel of an RV to hit the open road. Sometimes, the dream includes the whole family and the dog, and other times, it is just about you, the RV, [...]

Restoring Charm to a Vintage RV or Trailer

Owning a vintage RV is truly a prize. Whether you plan to use for traveling or for show, there are steps to take for restoring the vintage charm that attracted you to the RV in the first place. Painting aluminum siding is often necessary when trying to achieve a restoration. Most commonly, painting is needed [...]

Choosing the Perfect RV for your Camping Style

  Camping popularity is on the rise, and with great reason! Many people are buying RVs, trailers, or pop-ups, and hitting the road for some great times. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as deciding you want an RV and coming home with one. This is a significant purchase, one of the biggest you will ever [...]

RV Camping Across America [Infographic]

  A cross-country camping trip can benefit you and your family in a few ways, but planning one out can take time. If you’re considering a camping trip across North America, be sure to start your planning with enough time to get the most out of your adventure. For example, if you’re heading through a [...]

Tips for buying your first RV

So your wife finally said “yes” to buy an RV? The years of dropping subtle hints whenever necessary finally paid off, but now there are so many more options than you ever thought were out there and it all seems a bit overwhelming. Here are some of the great tips and questions to ask yourself [...]

RV camping sites in TX

  Every year, about sixty people travel across North America, inspecting and evaluating the RV parks and campgrounds. The evaluators aren’t just your “Average Joes” however; these people know camping. According to the Good Sam Club blog, the Trailer Life Directory sends these expert RVers out to help you know what to look for in [...]

10 Tips to help when packing for an RV Camping Trip

Nobody ever plans to forget some of the most important staples while on the road or camping, but it happens. A great way to prevent this from ruining your trip is to create a checklist, and be thorough about it? How do mean? Well, we mean, consider the most commonly forgotten items, and star those [...]

Rising Popularity in Camping

Today’s economy demands a more conservative approach with how people decide to spend their money. Long gone are the days of extravagantly spending on Caribbean resorts or European vacations. Instead, families are looking for more accessible and affordable options. Camping has taken the torch. More and more people are enjoying the great outdoors with their [...]

Avoiding Allergies While Traveling

We don’t know about you, but it seems people are always susceptible to allergies wherever they go. At home, you can regulate the environment, and take pills to help clear sinuses. Traveling, however, is a different matter. When you travel, you’re often in confined spaces, unusual environments your systems aren’t used to, and surrounded by [...]